Water Restoration Operations Manager Eugene

Water Restoration Operations Manager

Full Time • Eugene
Primary Role: Manage production operations, ensuring jobs are completed according to SERVPRO production processes and procedures. Manage all aspects of Franchise production. Keep owner or General Manager updated on production. Manage and improve customer satisfaction, including the resolution of customer complaints.

Results Expected: Production processes are performed according to guidelines. Documentation is completed in a timely and accurate manner. Production costs are maintained at the established rate. Both internal and external communications are timely and effective. Jobs are completed, either meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Production division annual initiatives are completed effectively.

1. Executive: Customer Satisfaction 

• Ensure production staff follows SERVPRO processes relating to customers and takes care of customer needs.

•Identify and implement activities for incremental improvement.

• Maintain quality production 

•Provide results with goal of consistent customer satisfaction and timely payments.

• Ensure customer satisfaction 

•Handle and resolve customer conflicts.

•Coordinate positive communication and problem resolution.

2. Executive: Client Satisfaction

•Ensure client satisfaction.

•Network and build relationships with centers of influence (COIs).

3. Production: Manage Production Operations

•Manage production managers

•Assign new jobs.

•Evaluate job estimates to make sure all services are captured accurately.

•Oversee and verify accuracy of job estimates, resulting in improved profit margin.

•Oversee resources for job scheduling.

• Ensure effective job scheduling, resulting in effective allocation of job, staff, vehicles, and equipment.

•Oversee completion of work orders.

•Ensure compliance with job standards to achieve defined results in production divisions. 

•Confirm daily documentation of work, ensuring all files are accurate and complete. 

•Manage production staff as necessary.

•Maintain production personnel compliance with company policy.

•Assume role of production manager as needed

Must have at least 2 years of management experience.


1. 6 paid holidays
2. 401K
3. Vacation pay
4. Health insurance reimbursement 
5. Sick pay

Pay rate: $60,000-$65,000 Plus commission package 

All employees of a SERVPRO® Franchise are hired by, employed by, and under the sole supervision and control of an independently owned and operated SERVPRO® Franchise. SERVPRO® Franchise employees are not employed by, jointly employed by, agents of, or under the supervision or control of Servpro Franchisor, LLC, in any manner whatsoever.

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