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Project Manager

Full Time • Sutherlin
Primary Role: Manage production crews and jobs according to SERVPRO® procedures. Assign and coordinate jobs with crews. Keep Operations Manager, General Manager, or Owner updated on production, as appropriate. Supervise job scheduling, coordinate requirements for the job, complete job files, supervise production and monitor jobs from start to finish. Resolve problems quickly as they arise. Perform production work as needed. Provide and communicate clear and accurate pretesting, scoping of services, and job estimates. Monitor and follow up on all assigned jobs ensuring customer needs are met. Communicate and establish rapport with commercial, insurance, and residential customers.

1. Executive: Customer Satisfaction
a. Oversee SERVPRO® processes relating to customers and take care of customer needs.
• Identify and implement activities for incremental improvement.
b. Manage relationships with centers of influence (COIs).
• Communicate expectations, requirements, and changes with COIs.
c. Communicate customer concerns or complaints to the operations manager, general manager, or owner, as needed.

2. Production: Initial Job Scoping
a. Tell customers how SERVPRO® can help them; get the job by gaining customer and client confidence.
b. Create and/or review job scopes and ensure accuracy and clarity.
• Identify appropriate production services, time, and necessary materials to develop an accurate job estimate.
• Ensure scope sheets, pictures, and supporting documents are submitted for entry into the estimating database.
• Adhere to Franchise established pricing schedule.
• Discuss any alterations or deviations from Franchise pricing schedule with operations manager or general manager.

3. Production: Project Management
a. Oversee scheduling of jobs, resources, and crews following SERVPRO® production guidelines.
• Work with office staff to schedule jobs and make changes to the schedule to ensure all jobs are completed in a timely manner.
b. Manage job file documentation.
• Ensure all job files are accurate and complete in a timely manner.

• Remain up-to-date on all jobs in progress.
c. Manage and perform production activities (as needed).
• Perform production work and job site documentation in the role of Crew Chief as needed.
d. Manage and monitor subcontractors.
• Coordinate and monitor subcontract work, ensuring quality work is completed timely.
4. Production: Production Staff Management
a. Confirm timecards are accurate and submit to payroll.
b. Ensure 1-4-8 job response commitment is followed at all times.
c. Conduct WIP meetings.
• Manage daily Work-in-Progress meeting to keep staff up-to-date and coordinate resources for efficient production.
d. Inspect services and final walk-through on jobs.
• Achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring quality work is completed during and at the end of each job.
e. Train production personnel.
• Use recommended training programs to systematically train production personnel according to SERVPRO® guidelines.
f. Manage production personnel.
• Monitor performance of production staff, ensuring the work complies with SERVPRO® policies, and correct or train, as necessary.
• Conduct annual evaluations of production personnel.
• Listen, review, and resolve conflicts between employees, as necessary.
g. Provide regular feedback on job performance, including scheduled performance appraisals.
h. Recruit production personnel.
• Advertise and search for qualified candidates.
• Interview candidates and hire production personnel to ensure a quality production staff is maintained.
5. Production: Jobsite/Employee Appearance
a. Make sure jobsites are left with a clean and orderly appearance.
b. Make sure employees follow SERVPRO® uniform policy.
6. Human Resources: Communication Management
a. Ensure clear two-way communication with crew chief.
b. Ensure clear two-way communication with office staff.
c. Ensure clear two-way communication with operations manager.
d. Ensure clear two-way communication with SERVPRO® marketing representative.
7. Executive: Professional and Personal Development
a. Continue professional development of SERVPRO® specific skills and expertise.
• Constantly increase knowledge of cleaning products, equipment, technology, office procedures and marketing services to customers and COIs.
b. Continue personal development of management, teambuilding, and leadership skills.
• Constantly increase knowledge and abilities in ways to better manage the team and build the business
8. Finance: Financial and Equipment/Asset Management
a. Do job costing analysis.
• Measure the job profitability of each job, including subcontracting.
b. Eliminate and/or minimize having to pay for damaged property of customers.
• Control damage reimbursement expenses, ensuring costs are maintained at the established rate.
c. Make sure supplies required for jobs are available.
d. Coordinate with office staff to maintain proper on-hand inventory of professional cleaning products, operating supplies, and office supplies.
• Control operating supplies expenses, ensuring costs are maintained at the established rate.
e. Manage production costs (expense control).
• Control production expenses, ensuring costs are maintained at the established rate.
f. Manage equipment and materials (assets).
• Protect and utilize equipment efficiently and effectively.
• Confirm all inventories prepared and provided by crew chief.
g. Manage vehicles, equipment, and facilities.
• Keep vehicles, equipment, and facilities in working order, ensuring that all are well-maintained.
9. Executive: Safety and Risk Management
a. Attend safety training.
b. Understand and follow safety guidelines on the jobsite, in the office, and while traveling.
c. Make sure production crew chiefs and technicians follow safety and risk management guidelines on the jobsite, in the office, and while traveling.
• Avoid injury and make sure all crews comply with all safety regulations, ensuring a safe work environment.
10. Additional: Other Duties, as Assigned
a. Take ownership of Roles and Responsibilities.
• Team members should take ownership of their job responsibilities. Identifying ways to be more efficient is also an important part of this position.
b. Handle recurring and unique tasks, as necessary.
• Handle other tasks and duties as business needs require.

Job Type: Full-time
Compensation: $20.00

All employees of a SERVPRO® Franchise are hired by, employed by, and under the sole supervision and control of an independently owned and operated SERVPRO® Franchise. SERVPRO® Franchise employees are not employed by, jointly employed by, agents of, or under the supervision or control of Servpro Franchisor, LLC, in any manner whatsoever.

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